Enhancers 101

Welcome back team!

With backers and preorders fulfilled, we felt this a great time to release our first booster pack expansion: ENHANCERS.


What the heck are they?
Enhancers are the fifth type of card you will add to the game. These can only be played with another card. You can make a Fire Hose ‘freezing’ and a Super Herb ‘Gluten-Free’ for instance.

How do they work?
Any time you play a card on a player and they choose not to react to it, you may add an enhancer card to it. That player may then have another opportunity to react to it. For example, if you play the ‘Molotov’ and the target player decides not to play their ‘Reflector,’ you may choose to then say “And it’s a Poisonous Mortar,” adding the ‘And it’s Poisonous’ as you do, with gusto of course. Then that player may choose to reflect the card.

What else can they do?
This isn’t just a card you can play with another card from your hand. Did I mention you can enhance other players’ cards? Wow! Crazy right? In that last example for instance, Player 1 may attack Player 2, and Player 3 could have enhanced the card.

What if I had an enhancer and another player plays theirs?
You can only play one enhancer per card, and the first applicable enhancer thrown on a card is the one that takes effect. Nice try wise guy.

Who gets the Ability if someone is knocked out by another person’s enhancer?
Great question! Whoever dealt the initial attack still collects the ability, not a third party who threw down an enhancer.



Great stuff is on the way! Feel free to message us with any questions!



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